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Toward decentralized business model for migratory industry

Can you imagine how revolutionary it would be to organize the migratory industry using decentralized technology? Can you imagine migratory assets like passports, fingerprints or criminal records based on NFTs? Well, that´s exactly what Infomigration and Migracoin is intended for.

Don´t you want to be part of this social impactful startup that will set a before and after for the migratory processes, helping millions of migrants and migratory services providers, while incorporating the benefits of the blockchain and decentralized technology? You can see this as the crypto equivalent of platforms like Amazon, Air B&B or Tripadvisor focused on the migratory industry.

You´re invited to be part of the change. Come on board and join us and let me explain what this is about.

Infomigration is a tech base Startup that rises from the need of organizing the migratory industry. The field of migratory processes is based on the providing of services like assessment, procedures, document arrangements, information and investigation (which plays and important role among the previous steps to start a migratory process). Some other services include ticketing, transportation, banking, remittances, insurance, housing, job offering, professional recognition and anything necessary for the migrant to settle the best way possible, avoiding this way to become a burden for the destiny country, a victim of scammers and people trafficking organizations, and increasing the chances to providing for their families in their original country.

We have validated the need of service through over 5,000 direct interactions with users and have got over 2,000,000 visits to our website since its launching.

Join us in this world changing startup for organizing the migratory industry, taking advantage of the benefits of the blockchain and decentralized technology, to bringing help and opportunity to millions of migrants who move the world economy every year, making their new and old homelands a better place for everybody.

Welcome to Infomigration and Migracoin: Millions of emigrants, millions of answers… Everything in just one place.

Carlos Rodríguez Cortez