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What is MigraCoin and how will it work?

MigraCoin has been developed with the aim of creating a solution to the problems of dispersion of the migratory community. It is an innovative, transparent and timely alternative.

The migratory community is one of the groups with the greatest uncertainty and concerns that we can find worldwide. For most of these people it is usually difficult to manage processes. It is also difficult for them to access information. And even to create channels that allow them to connect with others and clarify doubts. 

There are many requirements and needs that this community presents. In addition, little support is received from the old immigration service systems. That is why immigration services require a technological shift that allows them to adapt to the needs of the present.

MigraCoin is one of the solutions and possibilities that can support migrants. It is an innovative turn that will considerably facilitate the immigration process of any individual. 

It is important to point out that this community is becoming broader and more complex every day, thanks to globalization and the opportunities that some countries offer to foreigners. 

MigraCoin is a timely and efficient response. It developes with the aim of supporting many essential steps and procedures in migratory and administrative aspects. The digital age and technological advancement is now! And it has become an incentive to work for inclusion, respect and efficiency. 

What is MigraCoin as a community?

MigraCoin it is the result of understanding the problems experienced by the migrant community. It arises with the aim of connecting migrants in a dispersed and isolated context. Immigration services are very different in each country and each process has its own peculiarities. 

MigraCoin is a token, which provides a common medium among migrants. In order to make transfers between them or pay for procedures related to the process. 

Its basis is in the innovative blockchain system. It is easy to understand this system as a set of technologies that allow a distributed, decentralized, synchronized and highly secure record of information to be maintained. It is an alternative that helps, that connects and favors a community. This community for so many years has been devoid of options and solutions. 

But MigraCoin is not only a way to make transfers, it is a channel of union and communication between family and friends who are in different parts of the world.

MigraCoin and its code 

The migration services can take significant steps hand in hand with technology. Therefore, the expectation is many other advances will occur with the adoption of various digital resources.

MigraCoin is a token developed by the platform Infomigration, in its search for a decentralized business model for the migration industry.

This token is developed in the blockchain system, which is completely decentralized, efficient and secure. This is because this technology requires that when making decisions or modifying the information of the system data, among the majority of its servers generate a consensus. 

The interesting thing about this is that the members of the network do not need to know each other. But rather each member gets a copy of the same accounting record from the blockchain. This is a truly revolutionary advance in the immigration industry, and this is the main objective that Infomigration with MigraCoin

Any individual can use this token if wishes to access and pay for the processes facilitated by this platform.

MigraCoin It has the objective of connecting families and facilitating the payment of migratory processes in a decentralized way. This token represents an effort to organize the migration industry. Also as a way of trading or sending resources for millions of migrants through its own independent blockchain.

Role of Infomigration

Infomigration offers management, advice, document processing. As well as access to global, reliable and unified information about all types of migration services. 

It is a platform that uses the blockchain scheme to meet the needs of the migratory community in a comprehensive and highly transparent manner.

It is worth noting that one of the advantages of open source is that it facilitates working together and that it does not have obstacles related to privacy, commercial rights or intellectual property. And this allows projects, transactions and processes to be clearer and more productive.

Benefits of the blockchain for the migrant community

Migration has existed since the origins of humanity itself, whether motivated by factors external to the individual or the result of the incentive to change territory. It is important to highlight that currently, 3.5% of the world’s population is migrant.

In fact, the problem with this is that there is no unified system that meets the needs of most migrants. 

The direct benefit that the migrant community obtains through Infomigration and MigraCoin it is to have greater independence and security about the steps and decisions they are taking. 

Thanks to this platform and its token, it will be possible to pay for immigration processes, access guidance, document processing, and truthful information. In addition, this community has now a unification channel. 

MigraCoin and its goals

The goal is to organize the migration industry incorporating the benefits of blockchain and a decentralized technology. In this way, the parties involved achieves an easier, faster and safer process.

But Infomigration has a much more ambitious goal, to build better roads, hand in hand with technology and digital resources. It is hoped that through virtual reality migratory processes can be simulated with complete efficiency, in order to inform and prepare individuals on this subject. 

On the other hand, it is an excellent project to implement the NFT (Non Fungible Token) in the different migratory assets. Such as passports, fingerprints or criminal records, all converted into a cryptographic token that can represent something unique.

Moreover the same goes for the economic development that it generates through the metaverse. In a complete transmutation from the conventional to the innovative, practical, efficient and safe. 

There are many ideas that Infomigration generates with the aim of benefiting and supporting the migratory community. The closest and most palpable project is MigraCoin: a unifying, decentralized, transparent monetary system aimed at providing solutions and responses to the needs of this broad community.

Innovation in immigration services is now within reach of a click!

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