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Token specialized in migration. Benefits and social impact

Learn about all the advantages that MigraCoin offers. The social impact and benefits of a token specialized in migration can generate the claims that a significant percentage of the population needs.

The migrant community is one of the most vulnerable social groups that exists today. Although their problems are not new nor have their living conditions changed negatively recently. On the contrary, the problem has been presenting itself for centuries. Because the human being has always felt the need to move to another territory when conditions are not favorable.

The migrant community is a highly vulnerable group. Because very little has been respected for their rights or work has been done to facilitate their living conditions. One of the most damaging factors for the community is that they are usually at a disadvantage compared to the native citizens of the country in which they have decided to reside.

Due to this same situation, the migratory industry is completely backward in comparison to other administrative spheres. MigraCoin is the project with the objective of claiming the rights and quality of life of the migratory community. All through innovation and improvement in all stages of the migration process. 

The underlying problem in migration

Migration is a social problem that has increased in recent years. These problems comes by the socio-economic conditions and the lack of job opportunities that exist in some countries. These conditions motivate many families to experiment in other territories. Always hoping to find a better quality of life.

But the truth is that few things are as complicated as the administrative and documentary management required to emigrate. Added to this are the difficulties of adapting to the new territory, its culture and its society. Hence, many families face uncertainty, lack of information, risks of fraud, xenophobia and many other problems intrinsic to the process. 

The absence of a unitary platform where transfers can be made, migration service providers hired and where reliable information is obtained, is the main problem that must be analyzed. This is the reason why MigraCoin arises from the hand of Infomigration. With the aim of renewing and modernizing the entire immigration industry in a positive way.

The token and its platform have the task with drawing attention to the core issues of these communities. Which every day are broader and with it their problems and limitations. MigraCoin is not only useful for making transfers from anywhere in the world. It is the first token specialized in migration. Also, it represents a communication and unitary platform for the migrant community with its professional service providers.

Benefits that MigraCoin offers to society

MigraCoin is a token similar to a digital currency, because both use blockchain technology and are completely decentralized. With the particularity that it is a token specialized in migration. The main benefits offered by this technology are trust and financial support for everyone who uses it. It is not a secret that for many emigrants it is difficult to access a bank account. In addition, the process can take months or even years.

With MigraCoin anyone anywhere in the world can receive transfers. Through a secure, reliable and efficient platform. Payments are issued immediately and the currency can exchange with complete ease. This benefit also includes the sending of remittances. Well, through MigraCoin they are much easier and safer to issue.

Also, the token not only helps you get financial backing in the process. It also makes the process itself easier. Because this innovative tool is used through a platform that is capable of connecting the migrant community. It may also include immigration service providers. In other words, it facilitates communication to obtain different types of services. As management, guide, translation and documentation, for example, available to the entire community.

Experiences from everyone can communicate on this platform. And provide information for those who wish to undertake the task of emigrating to another territory. So, it is completely useful before, during and after reaching the goal of emigrating.

Importance of innovating the migration industry

The immigration industry requires the development and adoption of projects that take advantage of today’s technologies. As is the case with Blockchain, NFTs and in the near future the metaverse. If efforts were made to innovate the migration industry, problems related to bureaucracy and lack of information would be completely eradicated.

It should be noted that one of the main problems that every migrant faces is the uncertainty of how and when they will be able to fulfill their objective of emigrating. This is due to the lack of consistency in the information found on the network and the lack of reliable channels. As well as the absence of platforms to access services that facilitate the migration process. Facts that generate risks of fraud and administrative obstruction.

A global platform

If a global platform is generated, as MigraCoin proposes, access to information and contact with service providers would be resolved. Generating greater facilities to meet the objective of emigrating in a much shorter time.

This is an easy and safe way to access informative data of interest and consult with professionals for the most particular and specific cases. Only through innovation, the migration industry will be able to solve the problems that the migrant goes through at each stage of the process.

This includes issuing payments for services (management, translation, documentation). Also it can use to pay tickets, send remittances and even receive salaries in the first months of residence. With MigraCoin the basic financial needs are ready, in a safe, efficient and comfortable way for any operator.

Using the platform is very easy. But the most important thing is that it is capable of generating a positive impact on society. Mainly in the migrant community. It is a rights claim project. Which uses technology in its favor and helps that large part of the population that for years has been marginalized.  

MigraCoin, the token specialized in migration, is a project with multiple benefits for the community. Because it manages to impact the entire migratory process, facilitating the communicative, financial and even administrative sphere, for every migrant or person who wishes to emigrate. All of this can be achieved in the same reliable, secure, decentralized, efficient, fast, and easy-to-manage token, backed by the millions of people who make up the migratory community.

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