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To tokenize the migratory process

MigraCoin: the decentralized virtual currency that promises to innovate the migratory industry and to tokenize the migratory process

It is not necessary to be a migrant to know the difficulties and limitations that this community faces at a global level.

There are many challenges that the migrant must go through to achieve the objectives that set in the new territory.

Migration is an activity that has been present throughout the history of mankind. It can even be said that it has been a necessity for the survival of our species.

There have been many reasons why human beings have emigrated. From natural disasters, climatic conditions and wars, to motivations such as access to better living conditions and opportunities.

Therefore, attention to this sector should be a priority for States and multilateral entities. But the truth is that the conditions of mobilization and the process of emigrating are very difficult. In addition, insufficient efforts have yet been made to develop and implement techniques and methods to renew the immigration system and industry.

However, there are projects under development that point out at this. Which focus their attention and objectives on improving the conditions of the migrant. This is what Infomigration intends by to tokenize the migratory process.

In this way, it will be possible to unify the community of immigration service agents, the migrant community and the people who wish to emigrate. A token that develops an entire global economy: unique, decentralized and completely transparent.

What is MigraCoin?

MigraCoin is a token that implements blockchain or block chain technology to create a decentralized, transparent and completely secure currency.

This is a project carried out by Infomigration. A platform dedicated to the union and promotion of information of interest to the migrant community.

The objective of this currency or this token is that the entire migrant community and migratory service providers have the possibility of making immediate and secure transfers.

This is an effort that claims the rights of the entire community. Because as a migrant it is really difficult to access banking services.

MigraCoin produces an entire economy that is accessible and easy to use, since ignorance and uncertainty are one of the main drawbacks of every migrant.

Imagine having the interest to emigrate and having access to all the information you need, testimonials from other people and also accessing a secure economy to make all kinds of transfers.

Under these conditions, most of the inconveniences related to this activity would disappear. So that the process of emigrating could be handled in a much calmer way. In addition to being able to guide your objectives to achieve your ideal country of destination. And not choose the first that appears as the easiest option.

With MigraCoin, opportunities and quality of life will be your main priorities when emigrating. Well, the problems of financial instability or the fear of losing your savings can dissipate.

What parts of the migration process can be associated with a token?

An economy for the migrant community makes sense when one understand that this group is in constant need of access to documentation and information. Whether to study, work, reside and carry out all kinds of activities within the new country.

Infomigration, as a connection platform between the migrant community and professionals in the area of ​​immigration services, needs to implement a secure payment system. And this is the main goal of MigraCoin.

Imagine having to pay for a sworn translation, the updating of a document or some type of advice, with complete security and ease. This would be the ideal for all the people who have seen the need to request these services.

But MigraCoin does have not limit to this type of transfer, also it can use to send money to your family in another country. This is a much safer and faster option than any transfer of physical currency or remittance.

It is a safe, fast option that represents a direct connection between the issuer and the receiver of the money. The same happens when accessing services from Infomigration. Since from this platform the purchase of tickets and other essential services in the process of emigrating is easier.

Everything might connect to the same service and the same currency to facilitate the execution of all kinds of procedures, advice and purchases.

What would the relationship be like between a migrant and a service provider through a token?

How does the link between service providers and the migrant community benefit those involved?

As mentioned, there are many obstacles that a migrant goes through to achieve their goals. The main ones being misinformation and disconnection.

MigraCoin as a token and as a platform offers a direct connection between the migrant community and service providers. Well, it is for migrants or people who want to emigrate and service providers such as translators, managers, and other professionals who work in areas related to migration.

It is also worth mentioning that service providers have their own network of difficulties in carrying out their work. The lack of connection also prevents them from sharing their profession and bringing their services to the right audience.

The same currency in the migratory economy would not only make operations between the community and service providers easier. But it would also provide them with security and comfort in each transaction.

MigraCoin is an innovative idea to solve a great problem. Which requires attention and a solution to improve the lives and work of many people. In an industry that implements techniques and methods that no longer respond to needs and are outdated compared to the technology developed in the present.

MigraCoin is that project that aims to completely renew migratory services, taking advantage of the technology of the moment.

A complete, transparent project focused on solving the problems of a large part of the world’s population. MigraCoin is the initiative to tokenize the migratory process and reunite an entire community.

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