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The needs of the migrant. Which are?

The process of migrating can be really difficult and uncertain. Know today the needs of the migrant and how MigraCoin is capable of providing solutions for the entire community

The migrant community has a long list of inconveniences and problems that may arise in the process of emigrating to a new territory. These can originate from ignorance and uncertainty or from the context that surrounds the country of destination.

On many occasions, problems related to xenophobia tend to take a backseat to the administrative issues faced by migrants. Since the latter manages to generate a true situation of inequality. As well as delay in the correct development of the migratory process of individuals.

These administrative problems come by the absence of precise and unitary information for migratory purposes. Or even, they can generate by the limited channels of communication that exist between migratory agents and migrants. 

The migratory industry requires innovation and a true use of the technological resources available today. As an intelligent and effective response to combat the needs of the migrant and the situations that hinder the process of emigrating.

The obstacles faced by a migrant

In the previous introduction it is possible to glimpse what until now recognize as the main problems or obstacles that a migrant faces.

Identifying the main problem in the bureaucratic apparatus that surrounds immigration services; we found that other inconveniences that considerably affect the migratory process arise from this. These other problems are those related to the lack of information, communication and the inefficiency of migration services.

Regarding information, it is important to bear in mind that when making the decision to emigrate or try your luck in other territories, many doubts arise. Whether they relate to the requirements, the process, what must do to enter legally, among other things.

The problem is that access to this information is extremely difficult to achieve. Perhaps because the data offered is not precise enough. They do not correspond to the immigration case in question, because it is inconsistent or from unreliable sources.  

Therefore, the expectation at the time of emigrating is based on the experiences of relatives or close friends. Or even, decisions may make under a context of complete uncertainty. In these circumstances, the migrant cannot choose his ideal country. But the one that is presented as the easiest objective to achieve.

Other inconveniences related to access to information

  1. Pages with non-validated information: when there is no exclusive platform for the publication of this type of content, confusion often arises when contrasting data provided by different media.
  2. Insufficient information: there are exceptions and cases with very specific situations, which are not contemplated in the framework of instructions and general requirements offered by a generic page.
  3. Lack of orientation in processes and procedures: the emigration process includes a series of steps and processes that vary according to your country of origin and the country of destination. Some countries require more documentation and permits than others.
  4. Lack of communication with immigration agents: it is difficult to access relevant information and it is also difficult to access the contacts of immigration agents who serve as counselors, managers, translators and legal consultants. This is due to the absence of integrating platforms for the migratory community.

Problems that the process of emigrating generates

The needs of a migrant vary according to the stage of the process in which they find themselves. In the first stage, a migrant needs access to all pertinent information that will help him make rational decisions and gather all the necessary requirements.

In the second stage, it is necessary to have contact with professionals and companies that allow access to migration tools and collections. As can be a translator for identity documents. A travel company, hotels and residences, managers to issue legal documents, among others.

In the last stage, the individual is already in the new territory and needs to obtain their legal resident status. For being able to work, study and function naturally in the new country.

In the fulfillment of all these stages there are usually inconveniences. Such as the high time investment required to process the information and manage all the requirements. Like the outdated contact channels. Which leads to great difficulty in obtaining advice and help from immigration agents.

And although there are problems as big as those exposed above, the reality is that they are easily solvable. This is the case of the Infomigration project. A platform in charge of connecting the migrant community and promoting relevant and accurate information.

Can MigraCoin contribute to a solution?

MigraCoin is a token with the aim of unifying the migratory economy through the Infomigration platform. Therefore, it not only implies creating communication spaces between the migratory community and migratory agents, but also an economy and a currency designed to cover their needs.

Thanks to MigraCoin, the creation of information nodes at token access points encourage. It is also sought to tokenize the migratory project. Since a market would be created that encourages immigration agents to offer their services to the community, and that the latter receive contact and support from these professionals throughout the process.

So with the help of MigraCoin the communication and unification channel is cover. This platform with reliable information and a means to carry out all kinds of transactions in a safe, fast and transparent way.

In addition, contact with professionals would facilitate the process. It would save individuals the time of managing and searching for information. Those who, after receiving the aforementioned services, will be able to pay quickly through MigraCoin.

With this it is already demonstrated that the needs of a migrant would be completely resolved. As long as these innovative projects implemente in the immigration industry. 

MigraCoin was thought and developed with the aim of organizing and improving the migratory experience. In addition to renewing the bureaucratic and monolithic apparatus that for years has prevailed in the system and in this industry.

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