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The Migratory Economy

InfoMigration’s Migratory Economy is the first project aimed at innovating migratory services, with the aim of connecting the migrant community with  service providers to migrants

The migratory community presents several structural problems related to the dispersion of information. This also generates problems of opportunities, connection with other people and administrative inconveniences. 

Only those who have emigrated know how difficult it is to obtain information. That it is pertinent, timely and has comprehensive services that facilitate this difficult process.

Infomigration intends to respond to this enormous number of people who are eager for solutions. All this through the Blockchain and digital resources.

Trends in the migration economy

Today’s migration economy shines hand in hand with technology and innovation. This system, which was previously made up of obsolete and deficient processes, today is supported by the advances of the blockchain. 

The migratory economy has been updated with the Infomigration project, a cryptocurrency-like token called MigraCoin. With MigraCoin you will not only get a transparent, decentralized and secure system to pay for all kinds of processes. But it will also represent a connection in each part of the system.

The innovative migration economy could facilitate the exchange between migrants. As well as the payment of all kinds of procedures and services, and could even expand to more. 

It is a response to the problems that today make life difficult for those who decide to settle in other territories. 

Importance of service providers within the migration economy 

Migration services offer all kinds of information and documents that allow individuals to move from one territory to another. Its role is essential. Well, the requirements, guidelines, documents and often the management of permits to settle in another nation can get them through these services.  

These services play an important role for the migratory economy. Some of them are following:

  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Writers of documents and letters
  • Document and process managers
  • Migratory advisors
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Providers of moving, real estate, transfer and travel services and many others.

By joining the innovative migratory economy, they will see the demand for their services driven by the use of MigraCoin, as this token will facilitate the payment of their services.

These service providers, together with the migratory community, will become the main beneficiaries of the use of MigraCoin as a secure mean of payment that facilitates direct transactions.

The needs of migratory service providers

The needs in the migratory area have not only its focus on what the migratory community. Since the problem of dispersion, lack of information and communication concerns all those involved in these services. 

Service providers have their own network of difficulties in carrying out their work. Well, the structure of migration services is so outdated that it has lost its efficiency and has made the migration process difficult for all agents.

One of the main difficulties of today’s service providers is communication with the client himself and with the rest of the community. So promoting their profession or business, and the service they can offer, becomes more difficult than the job itself. 

The migration services innovation also aims to help them get a broader view of the field. Not only because they would benefit from this effort, but in turn, the migrant community would have access to services that were previously difficult to obtain, contact and hire.

Reduction of advertising costs

The connection between the migrant community and service providers can work through a digital platform and through the use of the same currency or token.

The project for this is Infomigration’s MigraCoin, which among the many benefits it can offer service providers helps them reduce advertising costs. 

The fact that there is a platform that centralizes all these services will allow those interested to go to the most suitable service provider. They will already know where to look for them and also with MigraCoin they will have facilities to pay for their services, regardless of the distance.

Creating a common connection, communication channel, and currency is a great start. In this way, the problems of the community can address. Well, the dispersion and lack of information has been the main damaging factor. As well as the main cause of concern at a global level for this group of individuals. In addition, it considerably increases payments for these services.

Benefits of a decentralized economy based on Blockchain

The innovative migration economy is based on a set of technologies that allow keeping a Blockcha in a distributed, decentralized, synchronized and highly secure registry of information. 

This system allows you to record any action on the Internet in a verifiable, unfalsifiable and transparent manner.

The Blockchain helps and enables visualization within the organically constituted community. Since it has the objective of uniting its members through the same platform and the same network. In order to help everyone equally. 

The main advantage offered by this type of system is to move towards financial independence. All to the extent that they are not limited by controls and regulations regarding the collection of their services. Hence, it is undoubtedly an incentive for service providers to join the use of MigraCoin.

For its part, for the migrant community there will be greater fluidity in the market, greater options and greater interconnection with other individuals. And this in parallel would help unify the market. To access information and opportunities directly and within the reach of any migrant.

Importance of technological developments within migratory flows

These new options for the migratory community are important because they address their problems. In addition, the importance of these individuals for the rest of the world is clear. They serve a market that has been abandoned for centuries and facilitate the work of many of those involved in the immigration service. 

Therefore, the development of new and more efficient payment mechanisms will continue. As well as the incorporation of new products and applications with the help of other digital resources. Such as NFTs and the metaverse.

The innovation of the migratory economy is a functional and timely project. For both the migratory community and its service providers. It is a direct response to the biggest problems of the migrant community. Which have been presented for years and now the continuation of these advances is guaranteed to build a completely efficient and transparent system.

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