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The journey of the migrant

Uncertainty and inconveniences are elements that are always arising in the migratory processes. Discover today everything that the journey of the migrant entails

The process of emigrating is a real challenge, from having all your documents updated until you adapt to a new culture. Usually this practice comes with adventure and the desire to undertake, thanks to the fact that uncertainty and challenges are almost inevitable during the process.

The migrant’s journey is truly long and full of uncertainty. Since information on the subject is usually not that easy to find. So the route seems to be a blind route where you can only learn from trial and error.

There are many questions that arise throughout the course of the documentation and travel process. There are benefits, exceptions, circumstances and requirements that are unknown and that it would be very useful to keep in mind for any migrant.

Learn all about the migrant’s journey, as well as the advances or projects that can significantly benefit this entire community.

What are the stages of the migration process?

The migration process consists of various stages. All of which are essential to successfully, legally and comfortably settle in any territory. Migration processes can be more extensive or simpler depending on the regulations of the receiving country.

There are various requirements that can be requested in the journey of the migrant. But something essential to enter any territory is to have your identification, that is, a passport.

So the first stage of the migration process is to take care of the paperwork that you must manage within your country of origin. Identity documents, apostille academic titles, take courses in the official language of the country you want to enter (if necessary), among other things.

The second thing is to investigate the requirements that you will need to enter the new land, be it managing your visa, residence permit, licenses and more. As well as translating your documents (if necessary) or managing your exceptions. If it is a work permit or some benefit from treaties between countries.

Obtaining assistance for the management and execution of these processes are some of the objectives that Infomigration has as a platform. Connect the migratory community with migratory service agents, translators, managers and all kinds of professionals in the field.

Lastly, the process of settling in the new country, getting tickets, a place of temporary residence and later getting a job. This is one of the moments of greatest uncertainty. This is why Infomigration aims to generate a simulation game that dynamically prepares all those interested in emigrating.

In addition to creating a decentralized, safe and direct economy for the entire community and service providers, through a token called MigraCoin. This is how this platform plans to organize the migration industry and completely innovate the migration process and economy.

How does a migrant choose the country to which he is going to emigrate?

Due to problems of access to information, most migrants choose their destination countries based on the experiences of third parties. And on some occasions they decide to go to those countries that present less inconveniences to enter. This is not the best in the journey of the migrant.

The problem with this type of decision is that they are not always focused on profit, on adapting to your needs and looking for a pleasant place to reside. It seems more like a discarded choice than an evaluation of the possibilities and benefits that you can acquire in each country.

When the problem of communication and access to all kinds of procedures solves, it is possible to evaluate other possibilities. This is what the algorithm developed by Infomigration offers to determine your ideal destination country.

With the algorithm “Find Your Ideal Country” you can get answers from a simple questionnaire. This will yield a result that suits you, your family and their needs. All quickly, easily and with satisfactory results.

How does the migrant live his process and what actions should he carry out?

The migrant’s journey at first seems to be difficult, full of uncertainty and with enough risks to think twice before venturing out.

Information is inconsistent, communication is almost non-existent, and the means to manage or seek guidance are not easy to find. Immigration services present a great structural problem that has been partially modified despite the great technological advance that we have today.

But there are projects that make this process somewhat simpler, with the Infomigration platform being the greatest exponent of this initiative. And the first thing we must do is seek advice and reliable communication channels. So that the goal of emigrating achieves with success.

With advices, contact with professionals, access to relevant information and ease of management, most of the work might do. Therefore, it has become a real relief and support for those who wish to venture into other territories.

What points and aspects should be considered when undertaking a migration process?

Some important information that everyone must handle in the journey of the migrant:

  1. Information is crucial, perhaps the most important part of the entire process.
  2.  Security can only be guaranteed by professionals.
  3. Once you are in another country, you will have another type of difficulties. So a support network for the community and your own economy will be of real help to you.  
  4. Documentation is important, work through all the paperwork before thinking about moving away from your country of origin.
  5. It is important to make sure that the country you wish to enter meets your expectations and suits your needs. Since if not, you will probably end up repeating the process from scratch in a short time.

What to do before and after arriving in your destination country?

Before arriving in your destination country, it is important to have clear objectives, accurate information and all documentation updated.

But it is not only about that. It is also about knowing the new culture, the language, the customs or regulations of coexistence. And of course, have a list of the basic places for transportation and food near your temporary residence.

After arriving, the ideal is that you continue with your documentation. Also, you must continue with the process of adapting to the new lifestyle. Do not forget to share your experience and work for your goals: be it studying, working or getting to know another culture.

All this is essential to make the journey of the migrant a pleasant and easy experience to carry out. The process of emigrating can be simple, organized and innovative. All thanks to projects such as those that Infomigration has developed with the aim of improving the migratory industry. 

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