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Welcome to the Migracoin roadmap. A map is not the terrain, this roadmap reflects the direction and goals we want to achieve, as well as our expectations and the challenges we want to overcome.

It is not a fixed architecture that we want to pose on the ground, but rather a systematic set of flexible goals capable of adapting to the changes necessary to successfully achieve our objectives.

Phase 0: Egg

  • Quarter 1
    • Build up the team
    • Research on the situation of migration worldwide and the phases of migration
    • Launch of
  • Quarter 2
    • Development of the idea of the Infoconnection platform
    • Development of the idea of navigation and searching tools for migrants
    • Research on Blockchain technology
    • Research on NFT technology and its application in the migratory industry

Phase 1: Caterpillar

  • Quarter 3
    • Development and implementation of Migracoin
    • Choosing of the network
    • Elaboration of the Whitepaper
    • Collection of the necessary contracts
    • Development of Migracoin Smart Contract
    • Testing and evaluation of Smart Contract in test networks
    • Testing of Airdrop
    • Launch of
    • White Paper Publication
    • Creation and launch of social networking channels
    • Design and layout of the FYIC algorithm (find your ideal country)
    • Design of the Infoconnection Platform

Phase 2: Prepare to grow

  • Quarter 4
    • Implimate of a Marketing Campaign
    • Initial Coin Offer (ICO) of Migracoin
    • Release of Migracoin in BSC (first stage of the immigration industry in Blockchain)
    • Public Sale of Migration on Decentralized Exchange platforms
  • Quarter 5
    • Expansion of the team
  • Quarter 6
    • Exploration and design of products to solve the needs of the migrant community
    • Development and implementation of a CRM

Phase 3: Chrysalis

  • Quarter 7
    • Development of the FYIC algorithm (find your ideal country)
  • Quarter 8 – 9
    • Development of the infoconnections platform
  • Quarter 9
    • Implementation of the Infoconnection Platform into Blockchain
  • Quarter 10
    • Development of NFTs for Infoconnections and Fyic (find your ideal country)
    • Design of the NFT Game “The MIgrant game”

Phase 4: Takeoff

  • Quarter 11
    • Launch of the infoconnections platform
    • Launch of FYIC (find your ideal country)
    • Implementation of FYIC NFT (find your ideal country) and infoconnections
    • Development of “The Migrant Game”

Phase 5: The future

  • Quarter 12…
    • Integration of FYIC (find your ideal country), Migrant Game and Infoconnections Platform (MetainFomigration)
    • Development of Migration as independent Blockchain
    • Migrate and implement metainfomigration in the independent Blockchain of Migracoin
    • Incorporation of AI into the Migracoin’s Blockchain technology