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MigraCoin, one Token for the migrant community

Today we want announce to you great news, MigraCoin the first token for the migrant community.

We constantly hear about the migrants. People who is going from one country to another looking for a better opportunity for themselves and their families. I’m sure It’s been a long time since the first time we watched the news showing the difficulties the migrants have to face. These problems are funded in order to reach their goals. In the meantime we also hear about the exploitation these communities suffer by scammers. People trafficking organizations that don’t even care about the life of these people are part of the problem.

Lately we have also heard about adventure migrants. People who just want to emigrate to have fun or get some exciting experience.

So, there is a very wide migratory universe.

However, there is one thing all these migrants have in common.

A new market place

There is no market place for them yet. Even though we’re talking about millions of people that actually move every year and that represent a very important financial contribution to the global economy. There is no market place for them at all. Migrants have to investigate by their own about every service they require along the way. There is no organized place where they can consult and evaluate options according to their needs.

If we consider also the other part of the migratory industry, the migratory services providers, we find that they’re not organized either. There is no place for them to show and offer their services beyond their own websites and offices.

So, what if we can organize this common place for all participants in the migratory process to meet and work with each other?

And what about if we can also bring a common and secure way of exchanging services and payment methods?

Well, that’s exactly what Migracoin and Infomigration are accomplishing right now.

The monarch butterfly, MigraCoin symbol

A lot of facilities

Considering that most of migrants have no banking services, there must be a way for them to easily handle their resources, remittances and providing for their families. On the other hand, the professionals that take part in the migratory industry will be able to be picked and hired in a trustier way. Because there will be confidence and security using Migracoin token.

There are already some different ways of using cryptocurrency advantages to accomplish this mission. But Migracoin will be the first conceived for unifying the migratory industry in a common place and action.

As a utility token created for migrant community and industry, it will allow to be traded for services and products that can help the migrants during their journey.

This way, the token is not only a utility token for being used in a website. This token is guaranteeing the keeping of financial motion in those countries where these communities are developing and their countries of origin.

We are sure the crypto community is enthusiastic about this idea and eager to be part of it. We have confirmed for several years that criptofans are willing to bring support to this project by being part of the token negotiation. That is how we have come to this point, after studying the migratory phenomena and characteristics. We can affirm the success of this very helpful idea bringing benefits. Benefits to an increasing community of migrants, migratory professionals and institutions, and DEFI supporters.

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