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NFT Economy

Technology has arrived to improve all kinds of processes and systems. In fact, the NFT Economy is designed to promote efficiency in immigration services.

The NFT economy refers to the set of transactions and operations that establishes between and through NFTs. This includes the creation of value and content that form the basis of this economy. Could its benefits incorporate into the “migratory economy”?

In the current context, the system and the technology implemented for migration processes are completely obsolete. They also do not provide the answers that are needed. 

The idea of ​​innovating in an economy is based on using current resources. As well as adapting them to the processes and needs that arise. The purpose is to find alternatives and answers, as well as to facilitate the management, handling and distribution of information. 

Regardless of the motivation to settle in another territory, the migration process can be quite difficult and cumbersome. The structural problems that migration services may present have their focus on the lack of communication, the inconsistency of information, dispersion and administrative problems in general.

To create an efficient solution to these main problems, the best ally is technology. And there is nothing more trendy and innovative than the NFT system. Which today is popular for using in digital works but is applicable to many other things. Among which are the benefits of the metaverse, online games and smart contracts. 

 What is an NFT?

NFTs have a close relationship with cryptocurrencies, at least when it comes to technology. 

The main difference is based on the fact that a Bitcoin, for example, is a fungible good and an NFT is a non-fungible good. The word fungible means that it spends or consumes with use, as is the case with digital money. 

NFTs are unique and unrepeatable assets that cannot transform or exchange for another of the same value. This is initially because there are no two NFTs that are equivalent, just as there are no two paintings or sculptures that are.

If we then think of NFTs as an art piece, they can only purchase when they are for sale, they are unique and each one has its own value.

NFTs work through the technological system of blockchain. It is the same that is applied to cryptocurrencies and they work through a network of decentralized computers, interlocking blocks and secured with cryptography.  

NFTs are decentralized, transparent and very secure. They are a kind of unique, unrepeatable and unchangeable trademark. 

Explaining in a more specific way, they have a kind of digital certificate of authenticity or series of metadata that are not modifiable. The author, the initial value of the asset and all the acquisitions or transactions also can find in these metadata.

Benefits of NFTs for a decentralized model of migration processes 

Migration advances require the implementation of all technological innovations and systems available for greater efficiency and interconnectivity. The digital resources created today can help create an efficient and decentralized transparent system. 

With the help of tokens or cryptocurrencies, NFT technology and metaverse projects, the provision of migration services can truly transform. Recalling that the migratory community has been little addressed, beyond the issue of remittances. The needs of this community have not entered the focus of the blockchain world for various reasons.

Regardless of the circumstances that have motivated the decision to settle in another territory, an emigrant needs guidance. The biggest fear that this community faces is the lack of information and the uncertainty of what should do and how it should do.

A platform that unifies and delivers experiences can be truly significant in addressing this issue. The same currency, the same processes and the same information can make migration services a reliable, transparent and secure space.

The innovation of the NFT economy can interconnect information from migrants in every corner of the world. How can it be to use this technology to store on the same platform, everything related to identification documents, fingerprints and passports.

NFT Migrant Games 

Digital games are another element that NFT technology adds. And what would happen if we even used these games in favor of the migrant community?

A game that simulate the migration process, beyond being a creative way to reach the community, it is also a significant experience for those who play it. It is sowing information, dispelling uncertainty and dealing with the problems that these groups present. 

How do smart contracts work?

Smart contracts are programs that allow the parties to digitally agree on the terms and materialize automatically. Every day they are more popular for being decentralized and highly efficient. 

There is talk of decentralization because they do not require the actions or interpretation of a third party. Rather, if event “A” happens, then consequence “B” will trigger automatically. 

This makes digital contracts and transfers activities much more secure, transparent and independent. Becoming an important contribution in this migratory economy designed for the safety and benefit of the migrant community. 

Find Your Ideal Country

Find Your Ideal Country (FYIC) is an algorithm of Infomigration plattform. Its objective is to take advantage of this technological resource and help the migratory community. 

This can make it easier for any individual to find an ideal country to settle in according to their needs, preferences and possibilities. 

It is a sophisticated program with a high level of certainty. Well, this collects the information provided by the individual, processes the data and creates a result according to coincidence and patterns with what was designed. 

This resource integrates with the emigrant game or the simulation of the migratory process. Inside the algorithm it works like an NFT.  

The metaverse and blockchain technology

This technology in combination with the MigraCoin blockchain and the metaverse with its games and learning dynamics. They become interactive means of knowledge, information and that solve many needs of the migratory community. 

The NFT economy has its design to improve, innovate and make migration processes more effective. In addition to encouraging the creation of new resources and new programs that continue to contribute to the integration, communication and improvement of migration services.

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