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Migratory experience and Blockchain

The digital age is present in the different issues of the daily events of humanity, even when it is about migration. We explain to you how the Blockchain can improve the migratory experience of any person.

There are many difficulties that can be experienced during  the migration process. Crossing the borders of countries goes beyond having a passport. Many countries require visas and certain conditions to stay in their territory.

If you travel without having all the required documents or with less than the money  for a certain country, you can have an unpleasant experience. This without counting the time and money that you can lose by not knowing that information.

What is an immigration process?

The migration process refers to all actions  carried out by a person who considers emigrating from his country of residence to a different one. 

For its part, the migratory experience can be defined as those experiences, positive and negative, of migrants during the migratory process. In this sense, it includes everything experienced before, during and after their mobility from one country to another.

Of course, this migration experience can be very satisfying or have some unpleasant or even serious consequences for people who move to another country without proper information.

Experiences of migrants during their transfer is often related to planning and searching for information. These two aspects affect their decision making.

Services for migrants and their difficulties

Information solutions for migrants present some difficulties, the main one being access to information. Even today, with all the digital tools available, there was no centralized or systematized information platform in the same place. 

Many law firm websites have their focus on the immigration area and many offer related information. However, in general, the information is about a single country.

This is undoubtedly a limitation for emigrants. Investigating and processing information of interest is a task that requires time. It is necessary to have the skills to filter the information and use what is really valid and useful.

Importance of information for decision-making

The wisest decision that someone who wants to emigrate can make is to get information. Every good decision is based on a rational process that often requires the knowledge of pre-existing data. 

But it is not just any data or isolated information. It is essential that there is validated and often official information, and that it is also very well organized. 

If you consider the wealth of information on different countries, having an ally to locate just what you need is essential.   

To assist in this need of the migratory community, arise Infomigration. Its purpose is to offer, in one place, all the information that migrants need. On this platform, professionals related to the area offer information on each country. documentation and processes necessary to reside in a given country will be available.

The main Infomigration tools

  • It has the most complete directory of services provided by different professionals for the attention of the migratory community. In this directory, you can find reliable information about  migrant services.
  • In addition, you will meet the requirements for entry and legal residence, economy and politics of the countries, reflected in its didactic infographics and articles. Also demographic data, employment and study opportunities, quality of life and much more information that will give you a complete and precise context about what you need when  migrate
  • The Ambassadors Infomigration. A network of people who have already experienced their own migration process, and who today can share their great and useful experience with those who are following in their footsteps.
  • MigraGuía, the Migration Trends Report, Newsletters, Forums and Events. In them you will be able to find those details that will make the difference between having or not having an ideal migratory experience.
  • In the mobile application you will have the “Determine your ideal country” algorithm. Just by entering your personal data, work experience, family conditions, studies, among others; The platform will indicate to you the countries to which emigrating will be easier.

As you can see, Infomigration offers you a range of services, which will make your migration process a pleasant, profitable and satisfactory experience.

Blockchain: An alternative to achieve a good migration experience

Surely you are wondering at this moment what is the relationship between migrants, migratory experience and Blockchain. Remember that the blockchain is a kind of public accounting book. In which the transactions are verified by several of the links in the chain. These links are the millions of people who make life on the network.

The fact that it is something of decentralized construction, makes it extremely secure. An entire Decentralized Finance system known as the DeFi ecosystem builds on the Blockchain. So, the first of the initiatives that have used blockchain and cryptography as platforms are cryptocurrencies.

Alongside cryptos, tokens have been developed. Tokens are units of value. A kind of money that is used to interact with the products and services that a firm or startup offers to its users. In the case of the migratory community, we find MigraCoin.

MigraCoin, a token designed for the migratory community

MigraCoin or MIGRA, as will be identified on exchanges, is the first token developed to be used by the migratory community and users of the Infomigration.

The MIGRA token is the solution that the Blockchain brings to migrants for improving their migratory experience. It will become in the payment currency for those who hire and provide their services on the platform.

And furthermore, it is an investment instrument independently  that the migratory services are used. If you want to purchase MigraCoins and jump on the wave of investment, MIGRA may be for you.

Viability of MigraCoin

Of the almost seven billion human that habit in planet Earth, statistics that more or less two hundred and eighty million are migrants. Thus, this is an industry that represents more or less ten billion dollars per year. Including all the services and expenses that the migrant community must pay.

Every year 7.6 million people are effectively changing their country. However statistics indicate that annually 60 million people worldwide are thinking of emigrating. In other words, the data indicates that with a market that adds more than 50 million new actors each year, the use of a portal that condenses the information that all these people who seek to have a satisfactory migratory experience confirm about the viability of MigraCoin.

MIGRA will be the token that they will require to exchange and contract all kinds of migratory services improving the migratory experience with Blockchain.

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