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MigraCoin the first token for the migratory community

Infomigration, the technology-based startup, has the pleasure to announce the launch of its proposal MigraCoin, the first token specialized in services for the migratory community

MigraCoin will enter the world of decentralized finance or DeFi ecosystem in style, targeting the migrant market. This market have existed since the beginning of human history and never has before been served in such an organized and global way, as the Infomigration team envisioned.

Keep reading and discover MigraCoin (MIGRA) and everything it has for you. Either because you are a potential user of migration services, or because you want to invest in this disruptive project that the blockchain now makes available to you.

What is a token?

The Blockchain is the environment in which cryptocurrencies are developed. As well as the other instruments that constitute the DeFi ecosystem. Among them we find smart contracts, decentralized Apps, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, and tokens in general.

A token is a unit of value or account created by an organization. Normally a company or startup creates the tokens so that those interested in its business model can have a relationship with its products or services. This allows users to interact with products in a more comfortable, secure and easy way.

A token grants a right of use and is constituted as a patrimonial asset. In this sense, it is used to pay for a job or improve the user experience. Also, to obtain extra services on the platform that issues it. Summarizing, each project that implements a token will establish its own conditions.

For the case of migration services, we propose Migracoin. It will be the first token to establish as a secure means of payment for this community.

What is MigraCoin?

MigraCoin (whose exchange code will be MIGRA) is the token that Infomigration is developing. Its purpose is that both Infomigration users and the migrant community can have a suitable means of payment within the platform and with the rest of the migration market ecosystem.

Infomigration thus opens its space to incorporate immigration service providers such as immigration lawyers, travel agencies, transportation, public translators, doctors, veterinarians, clinical laboratories, airlines, managers, hostel owners, tourism service providers, etc. It is undoubtedly the most complete and specialized directory of services for the migrant.

Now, you may be wondering how the commercial exchanges between these actors is possible. This is where MigraCoin, the token for the migratory community, comes into play.

If you want to know in depth what the project is about with all its phases and advantages, you can download the MigraCoin white paper. This is a complete document by the team of Infomigration to you.

MigraCoin’s objective in the migratory community

Migration is a phenomenon that has always existed in humanity. There are various events that motivate people to move. From natural calamities and wars, to persecutions, although they also do it just because of the desire to have a different life. All these circumstances can cause people to seek residence in another country.

But migrating is not always a simple process, on the contrary, it requires some planning and many requirements. Also a large amount of information must be gathered. 

The Infomigration team, understanding this need, is developing a portfolio of services for the migrant. With this useful platform, the possibility of being a victim of scams or fraud by unscrupulous people will be lower.

Advantages of MigraCoin for the migrant

The migratory community is all those people who have some relationship or link with the migratory process, be it directly or indirectly. 

In this sense, in addition to those who change their country of residence, their friends and relatives are a part of the community, as well as all government and multilateral organizations. 

We cannot forget that the different professionals who offer their services to migrants are, of course, part of this community. That is why Infomigration is the ideal marketing channel for these service providers.

This platform is ideal for all these actors to offer their services. Undoubtedly, the entire migratory community has an ally in Infomigration to solve their doubts and problems. 

Being a professional directory, it is logical that services are provided in exchange for the payment of professional fees. Each user interested in acquiring these services will have the possibility of buying the MIGRAs tokens by exchanging them for the currency of their choice.

How to access Infomigration services?

To take advantage of all Infomigration services, interested parties will be able to use MigraCoin. The token will be the means of payment for the entire migratory community.

On the Infomigration site there is a lot of information available completely free of charge. You will find the documents required by each country to start immigration procedures. In addition, a good number of infographics are available that present you in a very simple way the processes that you must comply with.

Without a doubt, Infomigration has its focus on achieving a migration experience much less traumatic. Each migrant or interested party will have the opportunity to know the information they require for their specific case. Only by visiting their portal will you stay hooked with them.

How to buy and sell MigraCoin?

The principal pay platforms will be available on the MigraCoin site the first token with which you will have access to migration services. Remember that if you are a user of Infomigration services, or someone who wants to invest in promising tokens, MIGRA is definitely for you. A token with the potential to also become an excellent investment alternative.

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