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Labor Migration

Labor migration: its implications, benefits, best destination countries and MigraCoin as the main ally in the migration process

Labor migration is a term that refers to those people who decide to move to another territory for purely work reasons. In principle, this mobility is justified by the fact that economies can vary considerably from one country to another. So, each one offers a different work and economic context and quality of life.

Human beings in general, naturally seek to improve their status or economic situation over time. So they are always checking their incomes. That is, to optimize their financial capacity through a job that gives them more income.

These job opportunities do not find always in the countries of origin. That is why labor migration divides into two branches: the group that migrates for a better quality of life. And those who emigrate to find employment in a specific area (those who are usually professionals).

If you want to emigrate to improve your job opportunities, your priority should be documentation and keeping everything completely legal. Discover everything you will need, the best opportunities in the market and resources that can help you improve your immigration process.

What is needed to emigrate for work reasons?

There are various permits and documents that can qualify you as a worker abroad. The type of requirement depends on the legislation and all the regulations regarding migration that your country of destination has. However, there are some that are the most common to emigrate for work reasons, such as: 

  1. Work visa: The application for the work visa the company that wishes to hire the worker makes this process. This works when a foreign company offers you a job and requires your presence in the territory. It is easy to manage, but it does not apply to all cases of migration for work reasons.
  2. Work permit: it is a legal authorization that allows a person without citizenship to work in the territory with complete legality. The time that this permit can be used will depend on the jurisdiction of the territory. Like the times when it can be renewed.
  3. Special permits: As is the case of the American Green Card or the European Union Blue Card for foreigners from non-EU countries (countries that do not belong to the Union). They are similar to the British Highly Skilled Migrant Program. With the exception of requiring a work contract before migration (such as a work visa).

Benefits of labor migration

A few years ago, when the decision to emigrate was made, the motivation used to be the desire to adventure, to live new experiences or learn new languages. Currently, the reasons for emigrating do not stop increasing. Being one of the main ones, finding job opportunities after the work stoppage and unemployment as a result of the time in confinement.  

But labor migration not only benefits the individual, the truth is that the entire economy benefits. This is a process similar to an economic equilibrium mechanism. In other words, many countries require a young and professional population that wants to work to keep their economy afloat. Such is the case in Japan. And there are unemployed people who are looking for job opportunities.

Some of the benefits that the individual obtains with labor migration are:

  1. Greater possibilities of finding a job in your profession: if there are no job opportunities to practice your profession in your country, it is most likely that in another territory they will require your services .
  2. Possibility of learning a new language: An added motivation to work abroad is to learn a second language. In addition to this, it will be a good qualification for your curricular synthesis.
  3. Improve your network of contacts: working abroad your professional links increase significantly. Which can become a point in favor if you want to develop a business idea in the future.
  4. Improve your labor remuneration: If your country of destination is more developed than your country of origin, it will surely have a stronger economy and will be able to offer you a better quality of life. So the remuneration for your services will increase.

Special mention deserves telecommuting or remote work, which has its own particular characteristics.

Best countries for labor migration

There are countries that can offer better job opportunities than others. All thanks to its level of development and protection of the workers rights. Some of them are:

  1. New Zealand: New Zealand currently has a 6.8% unemployment rate. A clear indication of the ease of finding work.
  2. Australia: Salaries in Australia are high, with only 20 hours of work per week you will already get enough remuneration to live well and save.  
  3. European Union: European countries have a high rate of development compared to other continents. So the quality of life is usually much higher.
  4. USA: To be able to work in the United States legally you have to have a work visa (and it is a bit complicated to acquire). But the experience and opportunities it offers are truly enriching for any profession.

MigraCoin: your best ally

If you want to acquire more information about the migration process or process any document, you will surely have to go to a migration manager or counselor. MigraCoin can help you establish contact with these service providers. It will also be able to provide you with a completely secure, fast and effective payment platform.

If you want to work and send remittances to your family and friends, MigraCoin is also your best option. Since through its platform you can send money anywhere in the world directly. In addition, completely safe and instant.

MigraCoin is designed to satisfy the needs of the migrant. Since when you start working abroad the first thing you will need is a fully functional payment platform. Many banking institutions tend to complicate the opening of accounts for emigrants, this makes MigraCoin a safe, unconditional and reliable option.

You will not only be able to receive your payments and send remittances anywhere in the world. Rather, you will have the opportunity to save/invest in a token backed by millions of people.

MigraCoin is a digital token based on blockchain technology and designed to meet the needs of the migrant. Whether it is labor, student or any other type of migration, MigraCoin will be able to help you and support you financially at all stages of the process.

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