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Heterogeneous communities and MigraCoin

Find out what heterogeneous communities are and how a common currency can unite and strengthen them: MigraCoin and migrant communities

Migration is a social phenomenon that increases from year to year. According to data from the United Nations in the International Migration Report for 2017, the number of migrants reached an estimated 258 million people internationally in a period of 17 years.

Migration implies many problems and distressing moments. As is the case of facing separation from loved ones and being uprooted from their places of origin. However, what motivates individuals to emigrate is the possibility of settling in places with better economic development. That offers them a better quality of life and even meet and adopt new cultures.

But the main problem is found after reaching the goal of emigrating. Since these communities see the need to be included in society. Both to carry out work activities that allow them to survive, and so that their Human Rights are respected in the new territory.

Among the human rights violations suffered by migrants are the denial of their civil and political rights. And in the most xenophobic countries, the violation of economic, social and cultural rights can be observed. Such as the rights to health, housing or education.

And MigraCoin can be a solution for the simplest but most difficult cases of heterogeneous communities. Since these do not have any type of financial system that allows them to make transfers or receive salaries for their work. It is here that MigraCoin offers its services as a salvation, vindication and financial inclusion for all communities.

What are heterogeneous communities?

Heterogeneous groups are characterized by being diverse in their composition. This diversity is produced by questions of gender, culture, levels of competence or nationality.

A heterogeneous community is synonymous with plural, diverse or different. They accommodate all opinions, options, trends and diversity, accompanied by greater individual freedom. When speaking of a heterogeneous community, reference is made to one where different cultures, races, religions, ideologies and nationalities mix and coexist with each other.

The migration corridors are the best example of heterogeneous communities. Because in them the combination of diverse cultures and people of diverse nationalities is appreciated. Some of the most common go to the US, Germany and Canada.

What problems do heterogeneous communities face?

Heterogeneous communities suffer from a rather particular problem, the issue of including those existing differences. A similar case occurs in communities with high numbers of emigrants. Since these individuals find themselves in the difficult situation of adapting to a new culture, way of life, language and finding acceptance in society.

When there is no Human Rights protection for all populations, in most cases migrants end up destitute or mistreated by the native population and/or the State. Among other problems are the social tensions between the different groups. Or even the loss of identity of some minorities within an increasingly globalized framework.

The adaptation and inclusion of these populations are a complex challenge for nations. Although in this era of globalization there have been quite significant advances. Getting the population used to accepting and respecting new cultures, making them visible through the media and generating exchange programs.

Problems that affect the migrant community

Migrants are the promoters of heterogeneous communities. Although there are nations that already have diversity because they are constituted as a mixture of ethnic groups. With a high mobilization of migrants, the communities are filled with diversity and new ways of living and acting, diversifying the gastronomy, language and customs of the region.

This can have positive consequences in the most adaptive communities. Just as it can generate very negative results in the most closed populations: rejection, xenophobia, obstruction of opportunities and more.

On the other hand, there are slightly more practical problems, such as the lack of financial support in the stages of the migration process and the absence of information platforms. So, the uncertainty is great enough to delay the goal of emigrating. And even motivate individuals to give up due to high levels of distress.

The absence of an information platform hinders the benefit of agreements and exceptions that migrants from a given country may have. As well as the difficulty of communicating experiences within the community and contacting migration service providers. Which can help facilitate documentation, travel data and adaptation to the new territory.

How can MigraCoin help?

MigraCoin is a digital token that fulfills the same function as a cryptocurrency. With the difference that it was developed with the aim of modernizing the immigration industry and helping this community. Its main objective is to function as a decentralized, secure, fast and easy-to-use financial system.

But it is not only limited to being an excellent means for transfers, receiving payments and sending remittances. It is also an excellent communication platform. Since this token will be operated from Infomigration. A communication platform that facilitates valuable informative data and contact with experiences of other migrants.

Like any communication platform, it also offers the opportunity to contact migration service providers and facilitate the emigration process through these services. All this in a single token, addressed and supported by the millions of people that make up the migrant community.

MigraCoin offers the opportunity to pay for migration services that facilitate the initial stage of migration. As well as paying tickets, and even receiving payroll for the first months of residence in the new territory. Its functionality is completely diverse. It is also ideal for sending remittances (financial support to family and friends) and making transfers anywhere in the world.

MigraCoin is the protest project that facilitates inclusion in heterogeneous communities and the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable populations, in this case the emigrants. In addition, its broad capacity for action and help make it an initiative that aims to encourage the modernization of the abandoned migratory industry. 

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