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Find your ideal country

From the Infomigration team, we are pleased to announce the completion of the development and implementation of the first beta of our “Find Your Ideal Country” (FYIC) algorithm. This Thursday, November 10, 2022, the first version will be open to the public, currently covering a total range of 10 countries.

This first version of the app aims to assess the interaction of migrants and their response. In this way, by learning about the requirements and needs of the migrant, we can correct and improve the FYIC algorithm to help the community more efficiently and offer more accurate results. This is only the first of a long series of versions, since not only the migratory processes and the actors are changing, but also the means and solutions that the migrant population generates and requires throughout this process.

Having the feedback, impressions and responses of migrants is essential for our project. In that sense, the best support we can receive is to interact with the application and help spread its use.

What is FYIC?

FYIC consists of a web application that will help our users determine their migratory options with greater precision and in real time. The algorithm will perform an evaluation of the user’s profile and compare it with the database of available countries (currently 10, and increasing), and then produce a ranking of the countries that will be a better option for the migrant. .

FYIC evaluates the critical points that determine the success of the migratory project: financial aspects, legal determinations and restrictions, socioeconomic characteristics of the destination country and the compatibility of said country with the characteristics and skills of the migrant.

At the same time, the FYIC algorithm maintains a constantly updated database with the processes, characteristics and conditions of each country. In this way, it is ensured that the results obtained by the user correspond to the current situation in each country.

At the end of the process, the user will be able to obtain a PDF copy of the generated report.

When did it start to develop?

The development of the idea has been in progress since 2020, and in mid-2022 the code began to be laid out. A few weeks ago, development work completed final evaluations and it was determined that the prototype was ready to interact with the migrant population.

FYIC is considered one of the fundamental cores of the Infomigration project, as well as a strong point within the MigraCoin parallel project.

Infomigration’s business model has many fronts. In technical terms, there is a B2B front and a B2C front, that is, a direction aimed at relating to other enterprises and businesses, and another completely oriented towards the client or end user. In this sense, FYIC is completely oriented towards the end user, that is, the migrant. Its objective is to be a tool of massive use.

Future Developments

In its current version, “Find your ideal country” looks primarily at economic and legal factors. The team is currently developing an expansion of these criteria, as well as the country database, which will lead to the next version of the algorithm.

Among the criteria to be incorporated are those related to human development, including factors such as healthcare, quality of life and education. The country database search is also being expanded to include members of the European Community and the Commonwealth.

Soon we will bring you more news about the development of our project. The team is very excited and eager to share their enthusiasm with everyone in the community.

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