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May 2022

What is a wallet?

What is a wallet?

The blockchain is, in concrete practice, a distributed and decentralized database. But it is not famous for that, but for using cryptocurrencies. Like all forms of money, cryptocurrencies must be stored somewhere safe. In the traditional banking system, the banks… Read More »What is a wallet?

What is blockchain

What is blockchain?

For a decade, the word Blockchain has been sounding everywhere, with more and more force, but what is it? Well MigraCoin is a venture born directly from the blockchain, so we can help you understand it. More than a technology,… Read More »What is blockchain?

economía NFT

NFT Economy

Technology has arrived to improve all kinds of processes and systems. In fact, the NFT Economy is designed to promote efficiency in immigration services. The NFT economy refers to the set of transactions and operations that establishes between and through… Read More »NFT Economy