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About migration

What is migration? Is it a condition? It is a process? Is it a status? No matter what definition we want to give it, it has always been the same since man walked, moving from one place to another looking for a better life.

We are Infomigration, the first platform designed to provide completely personalized advice and support in migration processes, because each reality is unique and particular.

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About MigraCoin

Migracoin (MIGRA) is a token created by Infomigration for the migrant population as a payment method for every service they need along the way on the migratory process. Migrants can use MIGRA for hiring and paying for migratory services they need, making MIGRA a utility token that can be traded inside our platform for products and services. We are including of course all those migratory services providers such as attorneys, ticketing, transportation and moving services, legal migratory assessment, insurance, housing and a lot more that are part of the business.


Our focus

These are the objectives that Infomigration wants to achieve when starting this phase of blockchain development.


Provide a business model based on the trust and security of the Blockchain network


Develop an identification system based on NFT technology.

Migratory Tech

Develop an algorithm that calculates the probability of success of a migrant in a given country.

Base Knowledge

Create a knowledge base on the entire migration process in each country of the world.

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Our team

Beyond the project
Carlos R. Cortez

Founder & CEO

Carlos Lugo
Carlos Lugo


Ricardo Rodríguez


Johanna Pérez


Gabriel Baute


Carolina Santelizt



Our purpose

My name is Carlos Rodríguez Cortez, I am a father, a doctor, a businessman and an entrepreneur, and I have managed to put together a committed, competent and passionate team, which has traveled the path of taking Infomigration from an idea to an initial stage.

We want to encourage and create a real impact in the world, helping the migrant community around the planet. We believe in the potential of our project and our ideas, and in the positive impact that blockchain technology can have on the immigration industry.

Carlos Rodríguez Cortez

Carlos Rodríguez Cortez

CEO and founder of Infomigration


Why select us?

Business Opportunity

Establishing MIGRA as the token for migrants and its increasing use inside the migratory ecosystem, will generate rewards and profits for the token holders.

First Marketplace for migration

Connecting migrants and migratory services providers in a unified platform will organize the migratory industry in just one place.

Migration increases every year

Migration is a process that increases every year. Then, we can count on more people that will need our help and support over time.

We know the facts

We have investigated for more than 4 years about the migratory industry facts and needs and we have processed more than 5,000 individual cases that have brought a lot of data and information that we have used in developing our value proposition and our token.

Creating a world impact

Our project will represent a before and after once we continue to introduce more features related with our tech tools and our token.

Committed team

We’ve come from different backgrounds and have converged into a common purpose. We are committed in making it easier the migratory process through our token and technological development.

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